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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hotchpot, anyone?

So what is this Hotchpot?

Hotchpot is a summarizer, a Facebook application, and a framework.

Hotchpot as a summarizer

Hotchpot is a summarizer for Senate bills in the Philippines. It summarizes them through extraction. It extracts the most important sentences in the explanatory note of the bill. It also uses several features to score and rank each sentences. These features include sentence length, sentence position, title, word frequency, and such. The top five sentences will be the summary and represent the whole bill. The summary that is created by Hotchpot is an indicative summary. It is not a replacement for the original bill. Instead, it is a short preview of it for readers will know what the bill is about. The summary is like the text at the back of a book. It does not intend to replace the book, but it is a sneak peek of what the book contains.

Hotchpot as a Facebook application

Hotchpot uses Facebook to disseminate. It is a disseminating tool for the Senate bills that were summarized. It also utilizes the Facebook API and its social graph. Through this application, the bills will be disseminated based from the interest of their users. The category of the bills will be matched to the interest of the Facebook users. Hotchpot enables people to easily access the Senate bills. In this application, people do not need to come to the bills, the bills will just come to them. The Facebook users can also vote for the bills if they like it or not. They can also comment and express their ideas about the bill. Hotchpot will increase the awareness of the people to what is happening in their government especially the Senate.

Hotchpot as a framework

Hotchpot is a framework for summarizing and disseminating. It is not just a summarizer specifically for Senate bills. It is a summarizer for any documents without any much changes. Only a few modification is needed for it to summarize other documents. Business articles are tested in Hotchpot and it works with a good result. Articles or documents that are summarized can then be also disseminated through Facebook. Interest of the users will be matched to the category of the documents. Through this framework, documents will be easier to read and accessed.

Hotchpot is a system that can do those said above. It is not just created to be use by the people. It is created to make a difference to the people, to the technology, and to the government.

To use Hotchpot, just go to this link.

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