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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I have a Tumblr account!

Yey! Follow? Follow?
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Friday, November 27, 2009

A little nerdy effect in my dictionary

After 18 months in college studying computers, I experienced some changes in my dictionary. I used computer related words in my everyday life even the topic is not computer related. Here are some words:

  • concatenate - ipagdugtong
  • sort - arrange
  • random - assorted /* We buys donuts and the cashier asks us, "Sir, assorted po?". We answered, "Oo, random." */
  • terminal - word /* NLP terms */
  • prune - remove / ignore /* Alpha-Beta pruning */
  • TLE (Time Limit Exceeded) - tagal /* ACM terms */

And look at this picture, we write down these terms during our THEOCOM class.
Just click the image for the larger version. :D


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Auto Clicker for a Facebook app

I again created a program for a Facebook app named Challenge Click. I used for automating my mouse clicks. And with only few minutes of coding, I successfully created a running program for Auto Clicking.

But, I just do not want to upload the code because when I tried it, the Facebook app just lags and it can not handle the amount of clicks that my program make. I only use it two times and it is still the slow version. I tried the fast version but the app can not handle it.

So here, in ten seconds, the robot just clicks 37,509 with a 410.51 clicks per second.
*Phew* too many clicks for a human.

Not yet satisfied?
The fast version made 25,000+ clicks in just merely 2 seconds. Then the app hangs. :D

Friday, November 20, 2009

Change "Hello World" to "Hello Chrome"

Do you use Google Chrome? Is it good? Is it cool? Yes it is fast! It is a one of a kind web browser that is launched a not so long time ago.

But if you say Google Chrome is the best, WAIT till you hear the Google Chrome OS.
You read it right. It is a Google Chrome OS. OPERATING SYSTEM. OS like Windows XP, Vista 7, Mac OS X and everything.

To get more info about the Google Chrome OS, you can visit the official Google blog here.

The OS is said to launch on late 2010. Soon enough for us to wait.

Here is a preview of Chrome OS.

If you want to try it, just go here.

Thanks to Kenneth Reyes for the blog title. :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tic Tac Toe for everyone

Last vacation, I got bored and created a Tic Tac Toe game for Java. It is so easy that I do it for only one day (Mayabang ba ang dating? :D).

It so plain and simple. I did not upgrade or update it after I finished the whole game.

Want to try it? Download it here.

Nash Stats LOL!

Phoenix is back on top! Yey to that! :D
And Steve Nash is also back on top!

I just looked in the Race to the MVP and saw Steve Nash at top 2. I missed him on that rank competing for the MVP trophy.

But I'm looking at his stats, and I saw something VERY VERY WRONG. Steve Nash has 2.4 assists per game? WTF! The Great Steve Nash with that low APG? I reviewed the current stats again and saw his rebounds per game. It is WHOOPING 11.8?!?! A point guard with 11.8 RPG? It is even higher to RPG of Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard in the stats.

Yeah, it's funny. I think his APG and RPG are interchanged. Maybe, needs to fix it.

Goodluck Phoenix Suns!
It is nice to see you back.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just remembered a piece of INTROAI

I wish I could go back a term. Where formulating algorithms is the only problem. Where understanding A* is the only problem. Where connecting to MySQL is the only problem.

But I can't, I am still stuck in this term where paper works and paper works are the only things that matter most.

Hmmmm. RANDOM. :D I just remembered Minimax tree a while ago and while reviewing it into my mind, I stumbled upon a new quote of mine.

"Making decisions is a minimax tree with a O(life)."
In making decisions, we just do not look at the current moves, but we also need to take note of the effect of that moves.

Depth limit? Hahahaha! It is up to you. :D But I really think that most decisions are taking up till depth 3. Till the effect of the effect of the current move. :D