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Monday, January 31, 2011

My Sassy Amnesia Girl

I do not know when, but I love watching Asian romantic movies back then. I think it is the vacation from 4th year high school to 1st year college when I usually watch an Asian movie everyday. I started liking them when I watched "My Sassy Girl". Yes, the Korean version. I do not allot a time to watch the Hollywood remake of it.

Hmmm... "My Sassy Girl". Who do not like it? I think everyone likes that movie. It was pure awesomeness. Following it, I found out that Crunchyroll back then stream Asian movies for free. I do not know today because I do not visit it anymore. I know watch Asian movies through YouTube or MySoju.

I watched plenty of Asian movies in Crunchyroll. To note some:

  1. My Sassy Girl
  2. Heavenly Forest
  3. Secret
  4. Virgin Snow
  5. Windstruck
  6. and others...

I do not remember the title of some but those above are my favorite listed in order (I think). I also remember that I manage to watch "My Sassy Girl" more than three times. QTV once aired a Filipino dubbed "My Sassy Girl" and I still like it with Jimmy Bondoc singing the Filipino version of "I Believe".

Last week, I again watched an Asian movie with the title of "A Crazy Little Thing called Love". It is a nice movie and worth watching. You can watch it in YouTube if you want, just watch the trailer first.

Filipino movies are also Asian movies right? But Filipino movies tend to be repetitive. Boy meets girl, conflict in the middle and still be in love at the end. There are instances that the girl is the best friend of the boy but will still be them at the end.

A unique Filipino movie that I watched is "My Amnesia Girl". It has a great storyline and a must watch movie. I like "My Amnesia Girl" than "One More Chance" though.

Yes, I am a fan of romantic movies. And I like them more than any other movies.

Para kanino?

Para kanino nga ba ako bumabangon?

O kaya naman para saan naman ang aking pagbangon?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snake through HTML5

Oh well, I do not have anything to say but I just created a Snake game using HTML5.

I based my code in this tutorial. Thanks for it!

To note one, it can also be use in an iPhone or an iPod touch. You can visit the original site here.

Own TLD fail.

Internet is cooler nowadays. The .com ending of domain names is now boring. Many websites now have the .me as their top level domain. "me" seems like an awesome TLD, but you know what is better?

Your own and personalized top level domain.

Well, I think that jolo.balbin as domain name is cool. But what I really want is jaypee.bee as my personal website address.

So I researched how to obtain that certain domain, and surprised when I learned how. Based on what I read, acquiring your own TLD is hard. It has too many requirements. And that's not it.

Own TLD is a pain in the wallet. The cost is not the same as the .com domain names in which you can pay with such an ease. Obtaining an own TLD can cost you big amount of money. Big amount like $50,000 as a cheap price. Yeah, too costly for a personal website.

Maybe I can just settle for a .me or even the cheaper and boring .com TLD.

Friday, January 21, 2011

DLSU Term GPA Calculator

Ever heard of a certain Facebook application that can compute your GPA? It just spreads in Facebook for a little while during the release of grades.

Ohwell, I am proud to say that I am the one responsible for that application. At first I just want to create a program to compute the GPA of DLSU students. I once attempted to code it on Java but that time, I am so lazy that I discontinue it.

I then got bored, and code it again. Now, through Javascript. I integrate it to Facebook for it to be easily accessible to anyone.

It is just a simple GPA calculator. But yes, it can also compute CGPA. Just follow the same instructions, treat your term GPAs as individual grades and their respective units.

It is a cool and helpful application. You can also share your GPA through Facebook by using this application.

You can go to the application through here.
And like this application here.

I am once the Time's Person of the Year.

As far as I know, Time magazine awards a certain person for the "Person of the Year" every year. But I recently just discovered that I once became the Time's Person of the Year.

Yes. I am the Time's Person of the Year for the year 2006. I'm not joking, I am saying the truth. Read their article about it here.

But hey, there is a twist. It is not just me, but also you, and all of us. Because Time just awarded the Person of the Year to "you". And anybody can be "you" right?

Yes, you. So why don't you just be proud that you are once the Time's Person of the Year?

It's good right!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Playing with no strings attached!

I don't have a guitar. So what? I can't really play that good. But hey, I can still play though. Luckily, there is a device that can almost mimic everything. It can imitate musical instruments like drums, piano, flute and also guitar.

So yes, I play guitar through a device called iPod Touch. I have this application that enables me to play acoustic guitar without having a real guitar. It sounds like a real guitar but it does not feel like it. Errr, it feels like an iPod Touch because it is an iPod Touch.

Yeah, it is playing guitar with no strings attached!

And that was me trying to play "Mahal Kita Kasi" by Nicole Hyala.

I also have a video trying to play that cool thing above with the slightly strained intro of the said song. See it below!

Cool instrument right? I also have a drums application but I can't play it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Memorable Stories in Facebook

I'm browsing some of my pictures when I saw something new in Facebook. It was displayed in the sidebar where the suggestions of some photo albums are also shown.

It is now 2011 and I saw "Memorable Stories from 2010". The memorable stories are just some of my status messages from last year. Well, not really memorable and they are not stories. Maybe they are better called statuses.

"Memorable Statuses from 2010."

That sounds more appropriate.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rethinking the word "game".

I entered college with a degree in Computer Science not because I want to create games. As a matter of fact, creating or developing games was not in my mind before. I visualized my future as revolutionizing or trailblazing rather than developing games.

But now, as our graduation is only two terms ahead, my plans for the future circulate in developing games. My age increments as my learning in this field also increases. With this learnings, I decided to carry my revolutionizing dream with me and add games into it. Well, it became revolutionizing games.

But why game development?

I define game development as creating a poem in literature. You can create what you want and what you like without any restrictions. It is like creating your own world with your own mind. As I said before, there is no word like impossible in game programming or in game development. That's the reason why.

As of now, I have plans where to start and I also have plans how to do it. I read an advertisement in Taft Avenue in front of DLSU...

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

I don't consider myself as a gamer. I somewhat became addicted in online games during my high school days but I stopped because I know that it is just a waste of time. I play DotA and NBA games once in a very while if my friends invited me to play. I treat gaming as a leisure not as a hobby. I also thought that, "why play games, if I can create my own one?".

If you consider "Snake" running in command prompt as a game, well yeah. It was my first ever game and it has two player mode.

The first ever real game that I considered is Nation Driver. It is somewhat buggy, but it is playable at times.

During my college life, I crossed some path that allows me to create games. Our project Pinoy Henyo is a game too!

Right now, I have a game still in development with a not so weird game play. I will post it if I managed to finish it.

I still do not have that experience in creating games, but I know I have the knowledge to start and learn more. Game development might not be my permanent future, but JPB Games sounds cool right?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Madaling tanong. Mahirap na sagot.

Hindi ko akalaing pwede pala. Hindi ko naisip na ganun pala. Hindi ko lang talaga alam.

Na magkaroon ng isang madaling tanong, ngunit mayroong mahirap na sagot.

Isipin niyo. Naisip niyo na ba na may ganun pala? O dahil sa akin lang, kaya niyo naisip na may ganun pala.

Kahit ano pa man, tama ang nabasa niyo. Madali ang tanong. Mahirap na sagot. Pero teka muna, hindi ba kapag madali ang tanong ay madali na rin itong sagutan?

Paano mo ba masasabing madali ang tanong?

Ako, nasasabi kong madali ang tanong kapag nabasa ko ito at alam ko na ang sagot. O kaya naman konting isip lang ay alam ko na agad. Hindi ba ang dali nga naman ng tanong kapag ganun?

Pero kanina, sa aming subject na INTFILO. Na kung iisipin niyo parang ginawa ko kagabi, ay parang Introduction to Filipino lang kung pahabain. Pero hindi.

Ito ay Introductory Philosophy. Pero bakit FILO? Filosophy?

Kanina... May mga pinasagutang mga tanong na kung masagutan mo lahat ay pwede ka ng hindi pumasok. Pasado ka na, perfect pa. Auto kwatro sa first day of class.

Madali? Oo.
Mahirap? Oo.

Madaling tanong. Mahirap na sagot.

At dahil nauuso naman ang SAMPLE dahil sa Showtime, magbibigay ako ng konting tanong.

All students are smart. Are there students?

Ang dali ng tanong diba? Sinabi na nga na ang lahat ng studyante ay matalino. Tapos tinanong kung mayroong studyante. So pag kabasa mo palang, alam mo na agad ang sagot. Madali nga ang tanong diba?

Pero, may studyante nga ba? Sinabi bang meron?

Isa pa...

There is no lion in this room. So where is the lion?

Nasa zoo naman diba? O kaya naman nasa safari. Pwede rin naman sa forest. Diba diba?

Pero naisip niyo ba kung may lion nga ba talaga? O inisip niyo lang na meron dahil sinabi ko ito sa inyo?

Minsan may mga pagkakataon na ang dali dali ng isang tanong na kayang kaya mo itong sagutin kahit nakapikit, natutulog, o may kausap ka. Pero minsan din, ang mga madadaling tanong ay hindi laging madali ang sagot. Hindi rin naman lahat ng madaling gawin ay madaling tapusin.

Tatanungin ko ulit kayo ngayon...

Ang hirap nitong tanong ko diba?

Nasagutan niyo? Ede madali!

Weirdo man, pero kung iisipin ay may sense din. Hindi lahat ng walang kwenta ay walang saysay.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why 2011 is a great year?

I think this year will be great for me. 2010 is good, but I think there will be happier events that will happen this 2011.

It is still early to say but it is January 4 today and I'm feeling like a G6!

Earlier, I fetch Ian in Welcome Rotonda and also for me to practice driving. We went to my house and played NBA 2k11. So what if I won only one time out of five I think.

What a nice way to start the year. And I am looking forward to what will happen this year. These are some reasons why:

  • Graduation. This is the year of my graduation. One year earlier than usual because I'm high school batch '08. It is because of the trisem in La Salle and it is awesome like that!
  • Free times. My school schedule for this term is only TTH. After this, I only have one term left. Which means more free time for me to do some stuff. Program some game for the Imagine Cup, do some nerdy stuff, plan for my future o kaya naman manligaw.
  • Boyfriends for my girl friends. As you read above, we will graduate this year. They will have no reason to defend them against those boys that want to court them. Ibig sabihin lang nun, magkakaboyfriend na sila. And I say YEY to that! Am I right Shiela? :D
  • Company, business, or job. I'm graduating therefore after that, I need to have a steady source of money or income. No allowance for me after school. :( Well, I have plans. As early as of now, I have a vision even though it is still blurry of what I will do.
  • Girlfriend. OH YES GIRLFRIEND! I just know that I will have a girlfriend this year. I just know.

That's it. 2011 is a new year. So replace your calendar. Leave all your sadness behind. And turn your life into the new page. 2011 is a great year.

After this year, we do not know. 2012 maybe the end of the world!

So enjoy this year!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Touch and Type for my mother

Last Christmas, I bought an iPod nano 4th gen for my sister. Today, I just gave my mother a new phone for Christmas. It is the Nokia X3 Touch and Type. Why touch and type? Because it has a keypad like those pre-QWERTY keypad era in which number keys are dominant than the alphabet. And also a touch screen. COOL RIGHT?

That's it. We bought it at a cost of P8,300. I do not know but it is much cheaper here in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija than in Manila that costs P1000 higher.

It boasts the variation in colors. It has pink, white, black and two more I think.

And if you think it is thick like those other phones, look at the picture above. WOAH right.

So if you do not like touch screen phones because you can't text if you're not looking, this phone is for you. A touch screen phone with a decent keypad.

Look at my brother holding it...

Cute right?

See the Nokia X3 Touch and Type in action here in this link.