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Thursday, September 10, 2009

About me.

Last updated March 9, 2011.

Hi! I'm Juan Paolo S. Balbin, but just call me Jolo.

Right now, I'm still studying at De La Salle University. I'm taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Software Technology and also Master of Science in Computer Science. Yes, I'm taking it simultaneously because I managed to be part of the ladderized MS program of our college.

I am a developer, a programmer, and a computer scientist.

Read more below (outdated)...

This blog is up for almost three months now, and I still do not have a proper introduction of myself. I only have a brief introduction in the
profile page of my blogger account, which is not good enough. So now, let me introduce myself.

"I am a somebody in the midst of everbody."

I am Juan Paolo S. Balbin, but only few knows my real name, because my friends always call me Jolo and that nickname will be stuck to my acquaintances. They even do not bother to know the real reason behind my nickname. I grew up in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. I studied there from pre-school to high school. And now, I am a Computer Science student with a specialization in Software Technology in De La Salle University.

I started doing weird stuffs in computers when I was second year high school, but I now how to use it since I think two years old. First, it was HTML. Then CSS. After those, my computer teacher discovered me and let me to compete in a competition. I was able to join the CAL Battle of ICT Wizards, reached till the National level and be a sixth placer in the Web Designing Category. That competition is like a breakthrough for me that attracted me to learn more things about computers. I graduated high school with some basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, Java Script, Flash and Visual Basic.

I really never had a real hardcore programming experience not until I reached college. During my first year in DLSU, I learned to program in C (two of my projects can be found here) and in Java. Now, a second year student, I can say that I am literate in C++ and C# and also know SQL and networking in Java.

I still have more to learn, but I love programming. Still, I can't get high grades in any of my programming courses. It is because I am not good in written exams and even programming courses have written exams. I would rather have numerous programming projects than numerous written exams.

To set aside my programming cravings, I also like photography. In fact, I wanted to buy a DSLR and looking forward to turn this blog into a little bit of a photoblog.

I also can defend myself if fight arises. I have a high blue belt in Tae Kwon Do, and stops before reaching low red with unnecessary reasons. Too bad, only few months of training and I can be a black belter. I also managed to fight in three different contest and winning a bronze medal in one of those.

I am really not in love to so many things, only computers and photography. But random sampling (only few knows the real meaning behind this) is also a hobby for me. I am also a fan of Taylor Swift (her eyes is so loved), and I think I almost have all songs of her.

I also think that I am good at formulating strategies but having a very hard time applying it. It is like I can be a good coach but not the player.

I also am into blogging, but not into writing especially in grammar. But still, I want to practice with the use of this blog, because I believe that practice makes perfect.

To close this introduction, you will notice that I did not mention stuffs about girls (even I mentioned one, you will probably did not notice it), it is because I am not into girls right now. I am still not ready to enter a serious relationship and I still need to accomplish many things before it, and trust me, you don't want to here that so many things.

Another thing to mention, I love computers, especially programming. But please, don't ask me about circuits. Please, not circuits.

If you want to know me more, you can visit my Multiply and my Plurk. Feel free to add me.


  1. Hanga ako sa mga accomplishment mo pamangkin. Keep up the good work.

    Tito Victor

  2. weird stuffs. great job.

  3. hi :) saw the link to your blog in Tumblr :) I think we attended the same school. If I'm not mistaken, friend ka nila Leah?

  4. yep, classmate ko si Leah nung high school.

  5. gumagaling na sa english a?!!!hahaha:))))peace!!!!parang dami nang naaccomplish a?mhrap ng mareach!!!!hehehe:Pjoke...

  6. hehe,,maelyn nga pala:)))

  7. Seriously.. blue?! WHAAATT?!?! SHOCKING.. I died... Wow...

  8. Cant believe it, read it and I just realized that I waster a few minutes of my life.

  9. circuits?I love my Digital Circuits subject! why not like it?

  10. nahirapan ako eh. Di maganda ang naturo sa amin.

  11. lhorenesevilla@yahoo.comSeptember 29, 2011 at 11:22 AM

    pwede po ba magpatulong sa programming??