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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spending some time with Ubuntu.

I installed Ubuntu the day after Windows 7 conquer my laptop. I really reserved a partition in my hard disk so I can place Ubuntu.

At first, it was a trial and error, but after some time I managed to be used to it. But I still having a hard time messing up with the terminal (Linux's command prompt), which I don't usually use in a Windows OS (Except in programming).

I'm really in love with the 3d desktop that the Ubuntu has with the use of Compiz. It was so cool.

You will see above the 3d desktop cube. With the music player of Ubuntu and Plurk
in two different workspaces. Really COOL, huh!

Also, Ubuntu, or Linux doesn't need the burden of installing anti-virus that is not really anti. :D Linux is not affected by viruses where Windows is very very very vulnerable. And you just save a space for your hard disk for some more important purposes.

The Ubuntu start up sound is not so distrubing, like of Windows XP sound, that when you turn-off your laptop with a max sound and turn it on in a classroom or in a very quiet location, you will caught there attention and people will keep staring at you. :D

Ubuntu is free! It is better to go Ubuntu than download some pirated Windows OS in your friendly neighborhood torrent.

So, spend some time with Ubuntu, and you will know that what I'm saying is true.

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