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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sometimes, IBM.

I experienced two technology flaw in just a day. First, the server of La Salle is down, then the LTO is offline.

Let's start with my school, DLSU. Their server has crashed because a combination of students that are viewing their grades and teachers that are still uploading the grades are simultaneously accessing it and I think, that they can not serve those huge number of counts.

So, the server has crashed. Is that a major problem? Yes. Why?

They could have avoid it. Last term or since my whole stay in DLSU, we have the so called course card day, where grades are given individually with the use of a card. And later will be uploaded to our My La Salle account.

So, what happended? We do not know the real issue on this, but they removed the course card day and just set a deadline for teachers to upload the grades online. The deadline is September 8, 8:00 pm. The tendency is, the students will try to view their grades in that time. Yes, the students, the whole DLSU students.

The DLSU students are accesing the server that I think can not hold even a year in one college (As far as I know, we also experienced server crashes during enrollment which is scheduled one college per day). Many students plus the DLSU server equals to crash.

Yes, I am also one of the students that wanted to have a course card day.

Enough for that first rant. Sorry DLSU, this is just what I think and my conclusions. I do not made any research about this. Correct me if I'm wrong.

For the LTO, I went their to get a non professional driver's license. But, what I do not know is that my student's permit is expired. And I still need to get a new student's permit. What's the use of getting a new student's permit? It is like graduating in high school and you just do not go immediately in college. And if applying the LTO regulations, you have graduated in high school but not applied for college, so you need to go back to high school. To break it down:

student's permit > not applied immediately for higher license > get new student's permit
high school > not applied immediately for college > go back to high school

which is totally not right!

OKAY, but still, I followed their regulations, I applied for a new student's permit. But the moment I passed my papers, they said that they are offline. I do not know what is that offline means, but I think, it means that they have no connection to the central LTO or something like that. Again, another server problem. And that problem is still up even all of the people there including me surrendered waiting. They could have think of a better solution.

Because I am pissed of with there service, I just thought of two solutions.

1. One server per office
2. Manual encoding

Maybe, the first one is not that applicable, it costs too much.
The second one, is like reversing to those times without computers. But they still can use the technology we have today, in a different way. They can manually encode those applicant's information and then send it to the main office after office hours. I think that it is better than let the people wait for NOTHING!

After experiencing those, I just think another IBM that can happen, the computerized voting in the Philippines. I wish I will be wrong, but I have a hunch that it will not be successful.

You know, sometimes, it's better manual.

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