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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ang malaking titik O

At ang kanyang nerd side.

Una kong narinig ang malaking titik O nung ako ay nasa elementarya pa lamang.

"Malaki ang titik O, titik O, titik O."

Kinakanta namin ito sa tono ng "Mary had a Little Lamb" bilang isang ice breaker. Ngunit sa hindi ko inaasahang pag kakataon, ang malaking titik O ay muli kong narinig.

Noong 3rd term ng aking ika-unang taon sa DLSU, sa class na DASALGO ay may topic kaming Big O. Na kapag ay tinagalog ay "Ang malaking titik O".

Ang Big O o ang malaking titik O ay ginagamit sa Computer Science bilang isang representasyon ng performance o kaya naman complexity ng isang algorithm. Ito ay ang worst-case o ang pinakamalala na maabot ng isang algorithm.

Ang malaking titik O pala ay hindi lang isang ice breaker o joke. Ito pala ay may mas komplikadong kahulugan. Actually, sobrang komplikado. Ang mga algorithms ay may Big O. Tulad ng mga sorting algorithms na...

  • Bubble Sort - Big O of n squared. O(n^2)
  • Selection Sort - Big O of n squared. O(n^2)
  • Insertion Sort - Big O of n squared. O(n^2)
  • Merge Sort - Big O of n log n. O(n log n)
Ang malaking titik O ay muli ko nanamang nakakasalamuha ngayon sa CSC755M o Design Structures and Algorithms (not sure kung tama ang pangalan) na subject. At muli nanaman niya kaming pinahihirapan.

Madaling kantahin ang malaking titik O.
Pero sa computer science, pahirap ito.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Presenting Lasalista Girls!

A song about Lasallian girls based on the Katy Perry's song. It is like "California Girls" but "Lasalista"!

Hear it here...

Great job guys! Thumbs up for this song.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let's play a game of LSB!

I have here below an image with a text inserted in it. Least Significant Bit or LSB is used to put the text through the image. And it is up to you to know what is it. Can you do it?

So here is the image.


Just save the image and make sure that it has 352kb.

I used our Machine Project for CSC766M or Cryptography to do it. The LSB Insertion algorithm is coded by Kenneth.

As a clue, the image contains the complete lyric of a song. And if you managed to know what song is it, just comment below. Good luck!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

And 41 school weeks left till we graduate.

Yes! We only have 41 school weeks left until we graduate. It is because a term is composed of 14 weeks, and we only have three terms left. So 14 * 3 = 42. And the 1st week just ended, therefore we only have 41. Say YEY to that!

They say counting the numbers before it happens is bad. But hey, I am just excited about it.

We only have three terms and a summer.
Three terms of pure academic related stuffs and a summer of mainly thesis works.

We need ten terms for us to graduate.
And we are more than halfway. Seven terms just passed and it feels like yesterday is our high school graduation.

50 units and PERSEF3 to go!!!
Good luck to us.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dreams are not enough. Action must follow.

I seldom read long articles or posts, but this blog post that I recently stumbled is different. The title "That Advice Saved My Life" is very catchy. It is about people who always procrastinate.

Six years ago he walked into my dorm room on the verge of tears.

“I can’t take it anymore!” he groaned. “I’m just running in place! I aim. I sprint. I leap. I fall. I get nowhere. Nowhere!”

His desperate eyes stared into mine, hoping… searching for an answer.

Read the whole post here. It is such an inspiring post. And maybe, it can also save your life.

Because of that post, I just thought of a quote...

"Dreams are not enough. Action must follow."

Share it to Facebook or just tweet it!

I recently add a feature in this blog. You can see it in the sidelines.

It is a couple buttons where you can share my blog or my posts through Facebook or Twitter. And it also counts how many times it was shared or tweeted. Coz' it was cool like that!

Try it and share or tweet my blog to others! :D

Hello again 4.0

After four terms of 4.0 drought, I finally got again a grade of 4.0. And it's not just one, or two just like those in my first two terms in DLSU. I got three 4.0 this term. And it feels goooooooood.

Ooooooh. How I miss it. Look!

What a a nice way to end this epic term. Yes, I'm a dean's lister for the second time. Too bad, it is still second honor DL. I know that it is because of the low grade I got in ADVANDB. Kung nakikinig lang ako sa mga discussions dun, ede sana first honor ako.

But I never thought that this hard fought term will be my best term in terms of grade. Yes, that term GPA above is my highest so far.

Tomorrow... Hello new term!

And three terms to goooooooooo!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Check you grades via text!

YES YOU CAN! Just text...
"DLSU GRADE *your ID number*"
Example: DLSU GRADE 108*****

Then send it to 2333.
It works like magic. But wait... 2.50 pesos per text. :|

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best blog posts in my blog

I reviewed the blog posts in my blog and chose 10 of the best and meaningful posts in this blog.

So here, presenting the best posts in my blog...

  • Game programming. Anyone? (link)
  • Pathfinding. Different paths, unknown ending. (link)
  • Crush - Isang ambigous na salita (link)
  • Nation Driver. (link)
  • Jeje language to a slightly normal / readable text... (link)
  • Pinoy Henyo! The computer game. (link)
  • Pwede bang manligaw? (link)
  • Salitang Kalye. Alam mo ba? (link)
  • Bestfriend of opposite sex. (link)
  • About me. (link)
There. They are the best blog posts since the start of this blog. They still do not have a ranking, and the order is just based on the date posted.

Taking some time to read them is really appreciated. :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Edit your grades in MLS!

Have you ever wanted to see a term where your grades are all 4.0 like the image above? Yes, it is statistically and humanly possible. But there is a fact that only the so called "IMBA" student can do it, kahit pamigay term ay mahirap maka-straight 4.0.

So for some DLSU students out there, you still can see an all 4.0 grades in your MyLaSalle account. How?

  1. Go to you MLS account.
  2. View you grades by clicking the View Grades link.
  3. Delete the URL in the address bar.
  4. Paste this in your address bar. "javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0"
  5. Edit you grades!
HAHAHAHAHA. See? Just a note, you can just edit it for your viewing pleasure. No changes will affect you real grades. It will not affect your grades in your transcript. HAHAHAHA. YOU WISH!

But still, seeing an all 4.0 in your grades can be very nice. It can be a very good joke too...

By the way, the grades above are my own edited grades. Cool huh? And it's not photoshopped.

PS. I just saw this cool trick roaming in the Internet.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Despicable Me!! Funny at start and till the last drop.

What a good way to end this hell of a term. We (Me, Excel, Kenneth, Gwenie, Pau, and Shiela) watched Despicable Me at Mall of MOA and it is such a nice experience. We watched it in 3d and it is worth it.

The movie is funny at start and if you expect, like any comedy movie, that the fun will lessen as the story continues, you're wrong. Despicable Me is no ordinary comedy movie, the fun will increase as it goes on and on. You will still laugh even during the credits. And I think, that credits scene is one of the funniest scene in the movie.

All hail to the Minions!!

The Minions are so cute and they speak like this...

Minions: abugiuhlnagekjbeyaeBAAABOOOOOOY!

They remind us of those little green aliens in Toy Story, but yellow.

And of course, the cutest of them all... Agnes... Her cuteness never fails, and it does not count as annoying!

Watch Despicable Me!! It is worth watching.
Funny at start and till the last drop!

And it has a sequel!