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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello again 4.0

After four terms of 4.0 drought, I finally got again a grade of 4.0. And it's not just one, or two just like those in my first two terms in DLSU. I got three 4.0 this term. And it feels goooooooood.

Ooooooh. How I miss it. Look!

What a a nice way to end this epic term. Yes, I'm a dean's lister for the second time. Too bad, it is still second honor DL. I know that it is because of the low grade I got in ADVANDB. Kung nakikinig lang ako sa mga discussions dun, ede sana first honor ako.

But I never thought that this hard fought term will be my best term in terms of grade. Yes, that term GPA above is my highest so far.

Tomorrow... Hello new term!

And three terms to goooooooooo!