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Monday, August 31, 2009

Auto typer for "How Fast Can You Type?" app

The "How Fast can You Type?" application is the only game application that I play in Facebook. And I am amazed to those people that ranks above me, those people that have an averaged time of more than 1 second.

So, I was inspired to create a program that can do auto typing. Luckily, the program is not that hard, and after a few researched, I managed to create it and put a decent GUI in it.

I tried it in the application and VOILA! It works. :D And look at my result.

Its cool huh! :D You can download it here.

It is a jar file beacuse obviously, I created it in Java.
If you open the program, you will see a button.

Click it, and Alt-Tab to the Facebook application.
Note: The application must be ready, in short, it must be waiting for the first letter.

For me, this is not a cheat or hack. I do not modify the code of the application. I only create a program that simulate keyboard press with the use of my programming skills. :D

Sunday, August 30, 2009

MacBook Touch. True? or Not?

Image source from Gizmodo.

MacBook Touch. A combination of MacBook and iPod Touch. All I can say that this wild thing is IMBA. But, is this really true? Is this gadget really exist?

I can't answer it. But the search results in Google really posts some realistic images like the one above. That apple tablet thing is also the talk in some techie forums.

If you think it is impossible? Think again. Maybe not now. But maybe later.
Also, Microsoft has a project called "Milan" which is a tabletop computer.

I am now imagining the world that we will have a few years from now, or even few months from now, a world that the pointing-clicking device called "mouse" will be extinct. So extinct that the generations to come will never know it exist.

So nerdy for a cash register.

I never expect to see the very basic "Hello World" in a very complex cash register. I saw it last Friday in KFC at Dela Rosa carpark in Makati.

"Hello World"... It's cool! Right? :D


printf("Hello World");


public class HelloWorld
public static void main(String JPB[])
System.out.println("Hello World");

So nice to see an end machine that displays the introductory string.
Yey! =))

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The AI - human connection

Our term is almost finished. And the busy week is over. I have done two different Machine Problems and it was quite frustrating. We also have our last day of INTROAI (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence) class yesterday and our professor asked us to write what we have learn in the class. I wrote three different points but I mainly focused on one.

I call it the AI – human connection. I wrote in it that AI can be compared to human in basis of creation. It is like God created humans and humans created AI. It is like a hierarchy of creation. Also, both are getting wiser and wiser, but still not the wisest. It is like AI cannot think like humans to humans cannot be like God.

So, even though the numerous tries, studies, and experiments, I believed that AI cannot be equally compared or compete to humans.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Slowly but surely

"Slowly but surely"

It is a quote that can be apply to anything, even in love! Yes, the slowly but surely method on love is the best!

But one thing that this quote can not be used is in programming. Why? Sure working programs are very good. But slow running programs are bad. In ACM, if you apply the slowly surely method, you will be given a TLE or Time Limit Exceeded. And TLE is very bad! It is the worst case that you can have in ACM.

So, as a piece of advice, "Slowly but surely" quote may work in almost all things in this world. But not in programming and in ACM. You, will surely lose if you follow this quote in that situation.

Just apply it in love, not in programming. :D

Download links fixed

I have just heard that my download links are not working. So, I tried to find some new file uploading site and found mediafire.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nobody FEVER!

This was so cooooool! Nobody FEVER it is!

I was inspired to create a video of Nobody using any of my skills. :)) Maybe a Java program that can dance in the tune of Nobody! :D

Saturday, August 1, 2009

INTRODB GUI is addicting!

We have a project in Introduction to Database or what we call as INTRODB. And our task is to create a mini database system. For now, we just need to pass a user interface for our project.

Yey! Another programming challenge. I love programming, even though sometimes it can give a pain in the ass.

I started the user inteface yesterday. But I just finishied the main screen. So earlier, I add some functions to it, but it is still a user interface. I work on it after I ate lunch. And stop doing it before eating dinner. My only breaks are CR breaks.

Our user interface is still not finish, but I like it because it is turning out how I want it to be.

Yeah, sometimes, programming is sooooo addicting. Because when a bug or an error occur, I can't stop until I figure out how to fix that.