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Friday, October 30, 2009

(500) Days of Summer.

We watched (500) Days of Summer this afternoon at Glorietta. It is a romantic comedy movie in 500 days. It started at day 1, and ended at day 500. They did not cover all the days between, only the important days.

One of the most memorable date to me is the day 288. And I think, that day is where there love story ended. Finish!

"But you're still my bestfriend!" - Summer
Ouch! :D

All in all, it was a good movie. Not the best romantic movie I watched ("My Sassy Girl" is still the best!). But can be ranked as top 2.

I can't say if it is a sad or a happy ending. I also can't say if I like the ending or not. All I can say is, cool ending!

Sorry, not a good review for (500) Days of Summer. :D

Monday, October 26, 2009

Minsan talaga.

I don't know why I'm posting this here. Pero...

Minsan talaga masarap maging manhid.
No feeling felt at all.

"Matamaan at masaktan ka man sa puso, wag kang mag alala. Puso lang yan, malayo sa bituka. Di ka mamamatay jan." :D


Headache due to ERD.

I'm doing a simplified E. Relationship Diagram for our INTROSE project. And it made my head to hurt. I do not do this since last term and I need to refresh and reminisce on my notes just to remember ERDs. :D

Also, when I look back to my notes I remembered that last term, the only problem I had is the two MPs of INTRODB and INTROAI. *deleted some part here* =))

By the way, I would like to show the ERD that cause my headache. I think, maraming mali sa diagram namin. Ako may gawa eh. Hahaha!

View larger image here.
Saya! May note pa para kay Pau! Siya kasi mag computerized ng ERD namin. Di ko kasi kaya yun, pang papel lang ako eh. :D

Friday, October 23, 2009

ACM after effect.

U.P. is IMBA! :))

Team eMeSPee Coders ranked 22 out of 55. Is it fair rank for starters and also for pure sophomores?

It was a 5 hour programming competition. With 10 problems need to solve. We managed to solve for 4 problems in just 2 hours. But after that, we can not solve any problems. Our brain was drained, our body was tired of thinking. It is a feeling I never felt when it comes to programming. It is like my body is talking to me, stop thinking, you consume to much brain cells in thinking. PLEASE STOP! :D

For short, thinking 10 same problems in 5 hours is more tiring compared to thinking a single machine project for the whole day.

Till next ACM competition. I'm excited for next year. :D
But for now, I just want to sleep.

To view the complete ranking of the competition, click here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Just a thought yesterday.

"Your feelings are controlled by your mind. Learn to direct your mind, and you will have the power over your feelings."


It's just mind over matter thing. :D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New phone. Yey!

After the motherboard of my Nokia 5500 Sport cellphone have broke, I am using the phone of my sister.

But yesterday, after months of waiting, I now have a new phone. A Nokia 7210 Supernova.

Presenting my new phone...

It's cute, right? Wish it is like my Nokia 5500 that is water RESISTANT and shock RESISTANT. But too bad, it's not. Still, it is cuter, and cute is the best. :P

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Download Glee and Gossip Girl season 3.

Want to watch Glee and GG season 3? Download it via torrent. :D

Download Glee here.


Download Gossip Girl complete season here.

I do not watch them, but Gwenie said to download it for her.

Blog idle

This week, I am not only idle in my blog, but also in my internet life. I do not know why, but I think I now do not enjoy the fun that the internet can bring.

It is also because I came home late. I think, this week, I go home 7 pm as the earliest and over 9 pm as the latest. Why? Because we love staying at school. Much fun there, than at home. :D And because of going home late, I will just go straight in my bed and sleep.

PS. Cheer and give us luck for the upcoming eMeSPee Coders' gig. :D YEAH! Gig!
*secret na muna ang gig namin na yun.*

Saturday, October 3, 2009

DVD Rewinder. Want some for Christmas?

I just found something that will be the last thing you will want for Christmas.

Presenting. The DVD Rewinder.

Okay, you may want it. But I will warn you. IT ONLY REWINDS DVD! NOT CDs! NOT BLU-RAYs.

It costs only $15.99. Why with that price? Because it has a special feature. Look closely at the image, it has a switch for MP3. Maybe, it also rewinds MP3. Cool huh?

Buy some, and go rewind your DVDs without that much effort. :D

PS. It's a novelty item only.

Math tip I learned in grade school

Multiplying two double digit number is hard for grade schools, little bit hard for high schools and not so hard for college. But still, it takes time solving if not using a calculator. But luckily, I learned something great when I was in grade school for multiplying numbers greater than 10 and less than 20, that is 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19.

For example, 14 x 17.

normal solving:
x 17

You will see that solving 14 x 17 occupies 6 lines, and can consume time.

But with the use of the shortcut I learned, the time and the lines will surely decrease.

with the shortcut:
x 17

"Obtained it by multiplying 4 and 7, then get 28. That first step is like the first step of normal multiplying. You put 8, then carry 2. Then, (this will be the shortcut part) instead of multiplying 7 by 1 (or 1 by 7), you will just add 14 (the number above) to 7 (the first digit below) and you will get 21. After it, just add the carry (which is 2) and get 23. Write it and then you will get 238."

Yes, shortcut it is! Nice huh?

So for the step by step instructions:
  1. Multiply the first digits. Then carry the excess.
  2. Add the number above by the first digit below. If there is a carry, add it also.
Voila! Multiplying two digit number in just 2 steps.

NOTE: Only applicable to numbers above 10 and numbers below 20.

Sorry for the poor formatting of the numbers, blogger doesn't allow me to format it nicely.

Try, it is an online riddle game. It is fun, but I got bored after a few level. I reach until level 6 though, but I did not solve it.

I stopped because I feel that I do not think anymore because starting level 4 (or 3), I browse the net for some tips and hints.

Try it, and goodluck thinking. :D

Okay, here are some hints from level one to five.


Level 1: Lower the brightness and max (I think) the contrast of the image. If you want, also zoom it. You will see a cute word in the trees. See it? Cute isn't it? :D

Level 2: Save the image, then go to properties, and look for the comment. Type it in your cellphone just like texting.

Level 3: Find the missing horoscope sign in the dominos, and arrange that word to create a new word. I think you can use anagram solver for finding the right word.

Level 4: Mercedes + Vin Diesel = ?. I don't think They have a relationship to each other, but think of a movie where Vin Diesel is the main actor. That movie is also the same to that prohibited for minors.

Level 5: Save the image, properties and then look for the comment. You will see, "split it here", cut those "it"s there and you will form that word. I think, it is a circle with a volume and area.

Level 6: I stopped here, so no hints for this level and above.