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Friday, October 30, 2009

(500) Days of Summer.

We watched (500) Days of Summer this afternoon at Glorietta. It is a romantic comedy movie in 500 days. It started at day 1, and ended at day 500. They did not cover all the days between, only the important days.

One of the most memorable date to me is the day 288. And I think, that day is where there love story ended. Finish!

"But you're still my bestfriend!" - Summer
Ouch! :D

All in all, it was a good movie. Not the best romantic movie I watched ("My Sassy Girl" is still the best!). But can be ranked as top 2.

I can't say if it is a sad or a happy ending. I also can't say if I like the ending or not. All I can say is, cool ending!

Sorry, not a good review for (500) Days of Summer. :D


  1. Haha, yah I don't think any other romantic comedy movies out there can top "My Sassy Girl" as the best. :)

  2. My friends watched and they gave some quite good comments about this. I'll be watching this one soon.