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Friday, October 23, 2009

ACM after effect.

U.P. is IMBA! :))

Team eMeSPee Coders ranked 22 out of 55. Is it fair rank for starters and also for pure sophomores?

It was a 5 hour programming competition. With 10 problems need to solve. We managed to solve for 4 problems in just 2 hours. But after that, we can not solve any problems. Our brain was drained, our body was tired of thinking. It is a feeling I never felt when it comes to programming. It is like my body is talking to me, stop thinking, you consume to much brain cells in thinking. PLEASE STOP! :D

For short, thinking 10 same problems in 5 hours is more tiring compared to thinking a single machine project for the whole day.

Till next ACM competition. I'm excited for next year. :D
But for now, I just want to sleep.

To view the complete ranking of the competition, click here.

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