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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nation Driver.

Nation driver is a game that combines decision making and strategy with fun and simple mini games to produce a unique playing experience that requires both physical and mental power.

"In Nation Driver, you act as the most powerful person a country can ever have and you are tasked to save your country. Face challenges on health, erase illiteracy in your country, protect nature and ensure that every citizen has food on their plates."

Nation Driver is our entry for the Imagine Cup 2010 Game Design category. We managed to get pass from 696 teams in round 1 and be chosen as one of the 150 teams for round 2. And we are hoping to be part of the 6 teams that will be sent to Poland for the world finals.

In the game, you will act as the president of a country. You are tasked to managed it in a span of six years in the game. Your will starts in the year 2009 and will of course end in the year of 2015, the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals.

Every year, you are tasked to allocate your budget to four different departments: Department of Health, Department of Education, Department of Environment, and Department of Food and Resources. The amount of budget allocated per department will determine the difficulty of the their respective mini games that can be played once every month.

There are also projects that you will implement. You can do it by playing the mini game of the department where the project belongs. After implementing a project, its icon will be shown in the country map symbolizing that you finished that project. You can also implement many projects at the same time provided that the projects are not in the same department. But be careful of implementing projects simultaneously, you might not finish it at the right time and it will cost you some department rates. Department rates determines the progress of every departments. Having low department rates can cost you some budget.

You can earn money through exporting and tax. But as we know, too much of everything is bad. Too much exporting can subtract your Department of Food and Resources rates. Too much tax can decrease all you department rates.

Also, your country is not alone, there are two other countries out there. You can interact with them thus increasing your relationship with those countries. Interacting with them will let you play some mini games. Countries can help you if you have good relationship with them. It can slightly increase your budget.

If you think the game is easy, not until you encounter a disaster. Typhoons and earthquakes are present in the game. It will surely lower you department rates.

But don't worry if you are having a bad game, there is your adviser that can give you some tips throughout the game.

So that's it. Do you have the intelligent and skills to formulate a strategy that can save the country, and also the world? Hopefully, you have.


You can download the game here.


You can watch the trailer video of the Nation Driver below.

Coded, developed, and made by eMeSPee Coders (Jolo, Excel, Ian, and Kenneth).

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