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Thursday, May 13, 2010

If abstract painting is an art...

There is something we call as abstract painting in art, where we just can't simply understand the point of the painting. And I think, it requires a special skill, or intelligence to view it the way the painter want us to view it.

For short, ABSTRACT PAINTING IS HARD TO UNDERSTAND. But still, it is called as an ART.

So why many we hate the so called Jeje language? Ha? BhaK3hTz p0wHz aHyAhw n3u zA kAn3hLaH?
  • Jeje language is hard to understand, just like an abstract painting.
  • Jeje language requires special skill (Yes, SPECIAL) to understand, just like an abstract painting.
So if abstract painting is an art in paintings, why can't we call the Jeje language as an art in languages? And just appreciate it.

If there is an abstract in paintings...
There is a jeje in languages.


Let's just appreciate it.


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