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Sunday, October 31, 2010


New year is near. We might see fireworks everywhere in just few months. But before we see our first pre-new year fireworks, Katy Perry launched a firework of her own. And that firework I'm talking about shoots out from her boobs. How cool is that!

She did it in her newest music video. Firework is a good song, but the music video is definitely a must to watch. See the video here...

Firework is a song that will boost your confidence.

"'Cause baby you're a firework
Come on, show 'em what you're worth
Make 'em go, oh
As you shoot across the sky"

For me the song tells you that you must do what you need to do and show them what you got. It is like the Nike's "Just do it."

Katy Perry in the video of Firework

And by the way, Katy Perry's purple highlights is love ♥.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Twisting like a twister fries

Twister Fries of McDonalds exists again. I don't know how many times it comes back and forth in the tables but McDonalds are again selling Twister Fries.

So Twister Fries is back in action, and my friends are like craving for it. I did not know why and I am curious to know why. So that curiosity leads me to try it. I bought a regular meal in McDo plus that 58 pesos Twister Fries.

It was my first time to try Twister Fries and it tastes like KFC fries with a twist. Yes, literally with twist because it is Twister Fries. It has the same color like those in KFC but it is so curly. And it is a little bit salty than those original fries that McDonalds sell, I think.

"Twister Fries - ang nagpakulot na french fries."

Hindi ko ito naubos dahil nag sawa ako, ang dami eh.

I do not have much to say about this fries. I did not say that I don't like it, but I'm just not a fan of french fries.

Try it and judge that taste of it. Is it really worth craving for?


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Globe's new balance inquiry

The balance inquiry of Globe is the same I think since I started using a celphone.

Before, you must call the number 222 to know your load balance. Then, it was simplified to just texting the number with any content you want. Most of the users text "bal" and send it.

After I changed phone last year (see my blog about it here), I do not text 222 anymore. I just go to the Globe services in my phone then choose Prepaid Services and Balance Inquiry. It will automatically send a message to 222 requesting for my load balance. It never fails.

A while ago, I requested for my load balance and received a slightly different balance message. It was better. See it below.

This picture was taken from my iPod Touch 4G. :D

The new balance inquiry message still contains the current date and time, and of course your load and free texts. But the latest addition is the load's date of expiry.

For me, it was a great add on because I oftenly left my load to expire. I do not have that much to text.

My friends said that balance inquiry of Smart is much better. They said that it provides more about their load and other necessary information. Fortunately, Globe made a move about it. They might not be the best yet, but they are better now.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taylor Swift's concert on February

There is so much talk about the Taylor Swift's concert here in the Philippines. Araneta Center announced it back then in a UAAP game and said it will happen this October. Instead of the concert to happen, that just became a rumor.

Yeah we all thought that Taylor Swift will come here in Manila and sing "You Belong With Me" to us. But don't be sad, Taylor do not want us to be sad. Because there is a news! Or let us say it as a scoop. You can view it here.

The news is...

Taylor Swift's concert will still happen. That's a great news right?

"According to Ovation Productions’ Renen de Guia, promoter of the hugely successful concerts in Manila (of, among others, Lady Gaga, Usher and Tears For Fears) and now the officially confirmed promoter of Taylor Swift in Manila, Taylor’s concert has been scheduled for Feb. 2011 and cannot be on an earlier date as the tour has been carefully planned to come after the release of her new album, Speak Now, which according to MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) marketing director, Wilson Cruz, is set to be released worldwide this Oct. 25 and in Asia the next day."

As the news said, the concert will happen early next year. February 2011 is the said month. Let's just wait and see. There is no harm in hoping that this news is true. Right?

Again, like what I said before...

Tara at manood tayo!

Source here and here.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time machine!

Let's go inside the time machine and go back in time!

Oh look at this very nice picture of me. Two photos taken from two distant years.

The first picture, the one on the left, is my first graduation picture. It is me when I was in Nursery, with so cute and cuddly cheeks.

Then the second picture, the one on the right, is my recently taken yearbook picture. It was me in this days, in college.

It was 1995 back then when I first entered school. I was 2 years old and more than a month to go before my 3rd birthday. And after almost a year in Nursery, my first graduation picture was taken dated back 1996.

So look now... After all those years, just remove my eyeglasses in the second picture and it looks like almost nothing has change. :)

A very epic picture!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I like it on anywhere

This couple of days, I noticed same status messages from my Facebook contacts that are girls. They almost have the same status saying,

"I like it on *insert anything here*."

I saw a status saying, "I like it on the bed." There are few that stated that they like it on a chair.

I thought that their status messages are about a certain song, so I just disregarded it until now. I now find it weird that almost all of my female Facebook contacts are liking the same song, the I Like It On song. So I used the most powerful tool in the internet right now to find some answer. I go too Google and searched "I like it on the chair" with having some guess that a lyric of a certain song will appear.

But it's not a song, and it is cool that the first result that appears is this from Yahoo Answers, asking the same question that I wanted to be answered.

So why? Why the girls like it anywhere?

The answer is... And I found it here. The "it" from I like it on is their purse, or something maybe the same like that.

What is that for?

It is for the Breast Cancer Awareness, their status is about their favorite location to put their purse when they got home. And as said in the link above, they intended it for the men to feel puzzled.

But hey, I'm just curious and search about it. Sorry! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Own domain,

We just recently bought a new domain. The site is still on progress but you can always visit it here.

Why Berdugo Labs?

Uhm, it's a hard question but one time we are thinking of a new team name to replace "eMeSPee Coders". We just want it to be simple, easy to remember, and also Filipino-ish. We also wanted to have a team name that has Labs on it. We quite suggested a few names like Anahaw, Sinigang, Adobo, etc etc. And I do not know what came to their mind that they suggested Berdugo. Berdugo Labs.

But it is still not over, we did not all agree to it at first because the word Berdugo is somewhat scary. In English, it is the so called Executioner.

It was just recently approved when we are thinking of a domain name. We spent hours of thinking a good domain name ranging from any words you may think of. We also tried to generate a random word in the internet through here. But still no domain name that fits to us.

Berdugo Labs came to our mind again when we thought about our University.

We are from DLSU.
DLSU's color is green.
Lasallians are often said to be green blooded.
Green blood in Filipino is Berdeng Dugo.
Berdeng Dugo when shorten is BerDugo.

And that's how Berdugo Labs is born!

With the creation of Bedugo Labs, I now have a new email address. You can email me through

You can also visit this blog through