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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time machine!

Let's go inside the time machine and go back in time!

Oh look at this very nice picture of me. Two photos taken from two distant years.

The first picture, the one on the left, is my first graduation picture. It is me when I was in Nursery, with so cute and cuddly cheeks.

Then the second picture, the one on the right, is my recently taken yearbook picture. It was me in this days, in college.

It was 1995 back then when I first entered school. I was 2 years old and more than a month to go before my 3rd birthday. And after almost a year in Nursery, my first graduation picture was taken dated back 1996.

So look now... After all those years, just remove my eyeglasses in the second picture and it looks like almost nothing has change. :)

A very epic picture!


  1. Wow Jolo! Hahaha! Ang laki na nga ng pinagbago. Ahahaaha! Nice grad pic ang bilis - te gayi :)