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Friday, October 8, 2010

I like it on anywhere

This couple of days, I noticed same status messages from my Facebook contacts that are girls. They almost have the same status saying,

"I like it on *insert anything here*."

I saw a status saying, "I like it on the bed." There are few that stated that they like it on a chair.

I thought that their status messages are about a certain song, so I just disregarded it until now. I now find it weird that almost all of my female Facebook contacts are liking the same song, the I Like It On song. So I used the most powerful tool in the internet right now to find some answer. I go too Google and searched "I like it on the chair" with having some guess that a lyric of a certain song will appear.

But it's not a song, and it is cool that the first result that appears is this from Yahoo Answers, asking the same question that I wanted to be answered.

So why? Why the girls like it anywhere?

The answer is... And I found it here. The "it" from I like it on is their purse, or something maybe the same like that.

What is that for?

It is for the Breast Cancer Awareness, their status is about their favorite location to put their purse when they got home. And as said in the link above, they intended it for the men to feel puzzled.

But hey, I'm just curious and search about it. Sorry! :)