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Friday, October 1, 2010

Own domain,

We just recently bought a new domain. The site is still on progress but you can always visit it here.

Why Berdugo Labs?

Uhm, it's a hard question but one time we are thinking of a new team name to replace "eMeSPee Coders". We just want it to be simple, easy to remember, and also Filipino-ish. We also wanted to have a team name that has Labs on it. We quite suggested a few names like Anahaw, Sinigang, Adobo, etc etc. And I do not know what came to their mind that they suggested Berdugo. Berdugo Labs.

But it is still not over, we did not all agree to it at first because the word Berdugo is somewhat scary. In English, it is the so called Executioner.

It was just recently approved when we are thinking of a domain name. We spent hours of thinking a good domain name ranging from any words you may think of. We also tried to generate a random word in the internet through here. But still no domain name that fits to us.

Berdugo Labs came to our mind again when we thought about our University.

We are from DLSU.
DLSU's color is green.
Lasallians are often said to be green blooded.
Green blood in Filipino is Berdeng Dugo.
Berdeng Dugo when shorten is BerDugo.

And that's how Berdugo Labs is born!

With the creation of Bedugo Labs, I now have a new email address. You can email me through

You can also visit this blog through


  1. Where do you bought the domain?

  2. Here. :)