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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Globe's new balance inquiry

The balance inquiry of Globe is the same I think since I started using a celphone.

Before, you must call the number 222 to know your load balance. Then, it was simplified to just texting the number with any content you want. Most of the users text "bal" and send it.

After I changed phone last year (see my blog about it here), I do not text 222 anymore. I just go to the Globe services in my phone then choose Prepaid Services and Balance Inquiry. It will automatically send a message to 222 requesting for my load balance. It never fails.

A while ago, I requested for my load balance and received a slightly different balance message. It was better. See it below.

This picture was taken from my iPod Touch 4G. :D

The new balance inquiry message still contains the current date and time, and of course your load and free texts. But the latest addition is the load's date of expiry.

For me, it was a great add on because I oftenly left my load to expire. I do not have that much to text.

My friends said that balance inquiry of Smart is much better. They said that it provides more about their load and other necessary information. Fortunately, Globe made a move about it. They might not be the best yet, but they are better now.

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