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Monday, November 9, 2009

Just remembered a piece of INTROAI

I wish I could go back a term. Where formulating algorithms is the only problem. Where understanding A* is the only problem. Where connecting to MySQL is the only problem.

But I can't, I am still stuck in this term where paper works and paper works are the only things that matter most.

Hmmmm. RANDOM. :D I just remembered Minimax tree a while ago and while reviewing it into my mind, I stumbled upon a new quote of mine.

"Making decisions is a minimax tree with a O(life)."
In making decisions, we just do not look at the current moves, but we also need to take note of the effect of that moves.

Depth limit? Hahahaha! It is up to you. :D But I really think that most decisions are taking up till depth 3. Till the effect of the effect of the current move. :D

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