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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Auto Clicker for a Facebook app

I again created a program for a Facebook app named Challenge Click. I used for automating my mouse clicks. And with only few minutes of coding, I successfully created a running program for Auto Clicking.

But, I just do not want to upload the code because when I tried it, the Facebook app just lags and it can not handle the amount of clicks that my program make. I only use it two times and it is still the slow version. I tried the fast version but the app can not handle it.

So here, in ten seconds, the robot just clicks 37,509 with a 410.51 clicks per second.
*Phew* too many clicks for a human.

Not yet satisfied?
The fast version made 25,000+ clicks in just merely 2 seconds. Then the app hangs. :D

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