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Sunday, August 30, 2009

MacBook Touch. True? or Not?

Image source from Gizmodo.

MacBook Touch. A combination of MacBook and iPod Touch. All I can say that this wild thing is IMBA. But, is this really true? Is this gadget really exist?

I can't answer it. But the search results in Google really posts some realistic images like the one above. That apple tablet thing is also the talk in some techie forums.

If you think it is impossible? Think again. Maybe not now. But maybe later.
Also, Microsoft has a project called "Milan" which is a tabletop computer.

I am now imagining the world that we will have a few years from now, or even few months from now, a world that the pointing-clicking device called "mouse" will be extinct. So extinct that the generations to come will never know it exist.

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