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Saturday, August 1, 2009

INTRODB GUI is addicting!

We have a project in Introduction to Database or what we call as INTRODB. And our task is to create a mini database system. For now, we just need to pass a user interface for our project.

Yey! Another programming challenge. I love programming, even though sometimes it can give a pain in the ass.

I started the user inteface yesterday. But I just finishied the main screen. So earlier, I add some functions to it, but it is still a user interface. I work on it after I ate lunch. And stop doing it before eating dinner. My only breaks are CR breaks.

Our user interface is still not finish, but I like it because it is turning out how I want it to be.

Yeah, sometimes, programming is sooooo addicting. Because when a bug or an error occur, I can't stop until I figure out how to fix that.

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