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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best blog posts in my blog

I reviewed the blog posts in my blog and chose 10 of the best and meaningful posts in this blog.

So here, presenting the best posts in my blog...

  • Game programming. Anyone? (link)
  • Pathfinding. Different paths, unknown ending. (link)
  • Crush - Isang ambigous na salita (link)
  • Nation Driver. (link)
  • Jeje language to a slightly normal / readable text... (link)
  • Pinoy Henyo! The computer game. (link)
  • Pwede bang manligaw? (link)
  • Salitang Kalye. Alam mo ba? (link)
  • Bestfriend of opposite sex. (link)
  • About me. (link)
There. They are the best blog posts since the start of this blog. They still do not have a ranking, and the order is just based on the date posted.

Taking some time to read them is really appreciated. :)

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