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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bagyong Ondoy Aftermath

We just went to De Castro, Pasig a while ago to visit a friend. The place is obviously devastated by the tropical storm (Yes, Ondoy is only a tropical storm, not a typhoon).

Muds are everywhere. Some furnitures are also outside and trying to be dry. Residents are cleaning there house. There are no water, there are no electricity.

Also, they said, the relief goods are given only in the evacuation centers. So how the residents that do not want to abandon there houses get some relief goods? The answer is no way. Until the relief goods are given house to house. Which is not so possible.

I noted some effects of Bagyong Ondoy / Typhoon Ketsana and here are those:
  • No electricity (But I think, my friend said that they now have electricity).
  • No drinking water (No water is coming out of their faucet).
  • Populated evacuation centers.
  • Health problems. Especially those that are in the evacuation centers.
  • School related problems (One week of vacation is too much).
  • Communicating problems (Signals in flooded areas is near to impossible).
  • Recovery (Money is involved in this problem).
  • Basic necessities problems.
I think, there are other effects. But above are the ones that I really noted.

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