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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Windows 7.

I finished installing Windows 7 yesterday. It was the first time that I installed a non XP Operating System. And doing it is so different than the Windows XP set up. It has a GUI that you can point and click. Because it is a new experience, I was a bit nervous because I might delete the important files in my back up hard disk.

Luckily, I succesfully installed Windows 7. At first I was amazed because I don't need to install the necessary drivers and only three unknown base devices were not installed. But I think, I do not need those three devices that are still unknown.

Windows 7 looks like Vista but way COOLER! But, the problem, I still not used to Vista because I only use Windows XP. And I shifted straight to Windows 7.

Preview of Windows 7
I also have a pros and cons for this OS.

- the Aero is coooool!
- some drivers are installed automatically.
- I think it's fast.
- it has really cool features.
- it is new.

- I am still not used to it.
- I don't like the display of all programs in start menu. I still prefer the XP's All Programs view.
- not free. If not because of free Microsoft products from MSDNA, I will not have a chance to obtain a legal copy of Windows.
- there are still some programs that is not compatible to Windows 7.
- as of now, I think that folder options is only available in the Control Panel. And if you want to unhide a folder, you still need to go to Control Panel which can take a little bit of time. UPDATE: I found it. The folder options is in the Organize button. :D
- the close window is too far for me in tha taskbar when you right click a running program.

I still do not have a chance to explore Windows 7 fully. But even if. Windows 7 is one OS worth to get. :D

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