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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Immortal text, Sulitxt, Unlitxt. Compared!

I saw a billboard in EDSA this morning when I was going to school. It is about the Immortal Text feature of Globe, with the tagline of "The first with no expiry."

I tried it, and it is also send to 8888 with the message of IMMORTAL10. It also reply with a familiar message, saying that your request is now processing. Then after a few moments, I received a message like this:
"You can now use IMMORTALTXT! Enjoy 50 texts to Globe/TM plus 10 texts to other networks, NO EXPIRY! Must maintain P1 to use the service. To check the status of ur IMMORTALTXT, txt IMMORTALBAL to 8888, P1/inquiry. DTI#4462s09, promo til Oct. 30, 2009."
I was shocked when I read the last sentence, it is only till Oct. 30, Sayang! May end yung promo.

So now, let us compare it with the other two most popular feature of Globe.

*Texts to other networks

You can see that Immortal text is unlimited in duration, it just fulfill there tagline, "The first with no expiry." Your 10 pesos will be times five and plus ten texts to other networks. Fifty texts are few for some addict texters but the no expiry is good for those who rarely use there cellphones.

For those addict texters that can text more than 100 a day, I recommend to use UNLITXT20. For those texters that can not exceed 100 texts in a day, Sulitxt15 is right for you. But if you rarely text and only using it for important events, use IMMORTAL10 to increase the text capability of your load.

Three features, three different uses.

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