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Sunday, July 26, 2009

To start of this blog...

Dahil sa COMPRO series, nakagawa ako ng dalawang program na sa una ay parang napakahirap. Pero pagkatapos nito ay parang ang gaan gaan sa pakiramdam.

Presenting my finals MPs in COMPRO1 and COMPRO2.

Download my COMPRO1 MP here.
Download my COMPRO2 MP here.


  1. Hey Jolo, This is Renz...
    So I was just looking at this and I was wondering did you write your project in C or C++??
    I dowloaded it and try to compile your code in my C++ compiler but apparently it fails so Im thinking this is a C code, but I dont have a compiler for a C :(

  2. yeah, it was written in C. :D
    Back in my first year college days, they used to tteach freshmen C as a starting language.