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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rethinking the word "game".

I entered college with a degree in Computer Science not because I want to create games. As a matter of fact, creating or developing games was not in my mind before. I visualized my future as revolutionizing or trailblazing rather than developing games.

But now, as our graduation is only two terms ahead, my plans for the future circulate in developing games. My age increments as my learning in this field also increases. With this learnings, I decided to carry my revolutionizing dream with me and add games into it. Well, it became revolutionizing games.

But why game development?

I define game development as creating a poem in literature. You can create what you want and what you like without any restrictions. It is like creating your own world with your own mind. As I said before, there is no word like impossible in game programming or in game development. That's the reason why.

As of now, I have plans where to start and I also have plans how to do it. I read an advertisement in Taft Avenue in front of DLSU...

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

I don't consider myself as a gamer. I somewhat became addicted in online games during my high school days but I stopped because I know that it is just a waste of time. I play DotA and NBA games once in a very while if my friends invited me to play. I treat gaming as a leisure not as a hobby. I also thought that, "why play games, if I can create my own one?".

If you consider "Snake" running in command prompt as a game, well yeah. It was my first ever game and it has two player mode.

The first ever real game that I considered is Nation Driver. It is somewhat buggy, but it is playable at times.

During my college life, I crossed some path that allows me to create games. Our project Pinoy Henyo is a game too!

Right now, I have a game still in development with a not so weird game play. I will post it if I managed to finish it.

I still do not have that experience in creating games, but I know I have the knowledge to start and learn more. Game development might not be my permanent future, but JPB Games sounds cool right?

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