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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why 2011 is a great year?

I think this year will be great for me. 2010 is good, but I think there will be happier events that will happen this 2011.

It is still early to say but it is January 4 today and I'm feeling like a G6!

Earlier, I fetch Ian in Welcome Rotonda and also for me to practice driving. We went to my house and played NBA 2k11. So what if I won only one time out of five I think.

What a nice way to start the year. And I am looking forward to what will happen this year. These are some reasons why:

  • Graduation. This is the year of my graduation. One year earlier than usual because I'm high school batch '08. It is because of the trisem in La Salle and it is awesome like that!
  • Free times. My school schedule for this term is only TTH. After this, I only have one term left. Which means more free time for me to do some stuff. Program some game for the Imagine Cup, do some nerdy stuff, plan for my future o kaya naman manligaw.
  • Boyfriends for my girl friends. As you read above, we will graduate this year. They will have no reason to defend them against those boys that want to court them. Ibig sabihin lang nun, magkakaboyfriend na sila. And I say YEY to that! Am I right Shiela? :D
  • Company, business, or job. I'm graduating therefore after that, I need to have a steady source of money or income. No allowance for me after school. :( Well, I have plans. As early as of now, I have a vision even though it is still blurry of what I will do.
  • Girlfriend. OH YES GIRLFRIEND! I just know that I will have a girlfriend this year. I just know.

That's it. 2011 is a new year. So replace your calendar. Leave all your sadness behind. And turn your life into the new page. 2011 is a great year.

After this year, we do not know. 2012 maybe the end of the world!

So enjoy this year!

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