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Monday, January 31, 2011

My Sassy Amnesia Girl

I do not know when, but I love watching Asian romantic movies back then. I think it is the vacation from 4th year high school to 1st year college when I usually watch an Asian movie everyday. I started liking them when I watched "My Sassy Girl". Yes, the Korean version. I do not allot a time to watch the Hollywood remake of it.

Hmmm... "My Sassy Girl". Who do not like it? I think everyone likes that movie. It was pure awesomeness. Following it, I found out that Crunchyroll back then stream Asian movies for free. I do not know today because I do not visit it anymore. I know watch Asian movies through YouTube or MySoju.

I watched plenty of Asian movies in Crunchyroll. To note some:

  1. My Sassy Girl
  2. Heavenly Forest
  3. Secret
  4. Virgin Snow
  5. Windstruck
  6. and others...

I do not remember the title of some but those above are my favorite listed in order (I think). I also remember that I manage to watch "My Sassy Girl" more than three times. QTV once aired a Filipino dubbed "My Sassy Girl" and I still like it with Jimmy Bondoc singing the Filipino version of "I Believe".

Last week, I again watched an Asian movie with the title of "A Crazy Little Thing called Love". It is a nice movie and worth watching. You can watch it in YouTube if you want, just watch the trailer first.

Filipino movies are also Asian movies right? But Filipino movies tend to be repetitive. Boy meets girl, conflict in the middle and still be in love at the end. There are instances that the girl is the best friend of the boy but will still be them at the end.

A unique Filipino movie that I watched is "My Amnesia Girl". It has a great storyline and a must watch movie. I like "My Amnesia Girl" than "One More Chance" though.

Yes, I am a fan of romantic movies. And I like them more than any other movies.

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