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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Own TLD fail.

Internet is cooler nowadays. The .com ending of domain names is now boring. Many websites now have the .me as their top level domain. "me" seems like an awesome TLD, but you know what is better?

Your own and personalized top level domain.

Well, I think that jolo.balbin as domain name is cool. But what I really want is jaypee.bee as my personal website address.

So I researched how to obtain that certain domain, and surprised when I learned how. Based on what I read, acquiring your own TLD is hard. It has too many requirements. And that's not it.

Own TLD is a pain in the wallet. The cost is not the same as the .com domain names in which you can pay with such an ease. Obtaining an own TLD can cost you big amount of money. Big amount like $50,000 as a cheap price. Yeah, too costly for a personal website.

Maybe I can just settle for a .me or even the cheaper and boring .com TLD.

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