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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The not so effective pair programming

Last Saturday, we faced another programming competition because we are so nerd like that. In all competitions we join, this is the most different. Because this time, we only compete in pairs. All of our on site competitions and even most of our online competitions were done with three of us in a group. That is me, Excel and Kenneth in the same group.

But this time, only me and Excel competed in UP Cursor's Java Cup. We were named "DLSU Team 1" and together with us were a pair of sophomores. Yes, we compete in pairs. We program in pairs. Pair programming it is. Not at all, we do not have the driver-navigator scheme of the traditional pair programming. We are all drivers trying to solve six problems in two and a half hours.

We try, but we do not succeed. We ended the contest with no problems solved! And as usual, with no shock at all, a UP team won the first place. They solved all the six problems with almost a few sweat.

Well again, the curse of DLSU Team 1 is still alive.

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