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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Errica, OPERSYS. First post of the year.

Me, Excel and Ian spend the afternoon doing the OPERSYS assignment. And because of that, I will went home alone. I take the two LRT route for faster and more convenient trip. When I reached Recto station, I walked into the platform and do some sight seeing! :D Luckily, I saw a girl with her friend. They are talking with each other about love stories in the Philippine television and movies. I walk through her to have a clearer look. I saw her cute face and her braces that shines with her teeth.

As the train arrives, we entered. I sat beside her friend. Her friend went off few stations later.

We are now approaching Cubao station. I thought that she is packing her things and getting ready to go. But too bad, I was wrong. I stand near her and as the door opens, I look at her. I saw her Lasallian lanyard with a keychain that has her name on it, "Errica".

Leaving the train, when I was walking, I think.
She was just a girl that coincides with the happenings of my today's life. And I was just a guy that is a stranger to her eyes. A not so special event where two people met and maybe... will never meet again.

In the upper part of this blog, I mentioned about OPERSYS. In fact, we did not managed to finish our assignment, we only answered number 1. But we now know how to do it. We will try to do it alone and maybe, I can post my answer here.

So much for my day! And this is my first post of the year 2010. Events happen in my life in the past few days, but I do not have the will to blog them.

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