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Monday, February 1, 2010

Deadlocks. It's not just a problem among computers, but also in life.

Deadlocks. If you will first here it, you may think that it is about the hair. No! It's not deadlocks. It's dreadlocks! Big difference.

Deadlocks, according to, is a situation wherein two or more competing actions are waiting to finish, and thus neither ever does. It is a common problem in computers but for me, I just think deadlocks can be one of the problem of life.

Why? To state an example, just like our prof gave to us, two cars got into a single way road, both do not want to go back, and so they will eventually get stuck.

With that example, I can see two things. Sacrificing, and selfishness.

I somewhat believe that "man is naturally selfish." And because of its nature, in the example above, no one will ever give way for the other. So how can they get out on the road. You just need to sacrifice. Such a simple word, so easy to say, but a very hard to do.

Sacrificing involves the act of losing something. But who wants to lose something? I think, no one.

With no one wants to lose a thing, sacrifice will not occur, selfishness will take place, and deadlocks will happen. It is a sad thing about life that even happens in a computer that is not even a living thing.

Yes, even computers, processes and algorithms can be compared to life. And they will experience problems just like with life. Nobody is perfect, so even them.

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