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Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines Day is near. So what?

Valentines day is on Sunday, so what? It is just a day for couples to have a not so ordinary date. It is such a day that couples are waiting for. At eto rin ang araw kung saan ipinamumukha sa mga single na wala silang partner.

May isa akong kwento, isang kabutihan kong nagawa kanina, or let us say that it is a favor that asked to me. A girl, have a special gift to his boyfriend. That girl is not close to me, and I think, we did not talk with sense. But she texted me and asked me a favor. Pumayag naman ako sa favor na yun dahil kaibigan ko ang boyfriend niya. We met in a place and she gave me the gift. At sabi niya, sabihin ko daw sa boyfriend niya na "Wag kang iiyak ah!"

Me and my friend Excel managed to hide it from our friend, his boyfriend na kasabay namin mag lunch. In our computer laboratory, I give the gift to him and he was so surprised. Hindi niya ineexpect na sa kanya pala ang gift na yun. At ang luha niya ay namumuo na sa kanyang mga mata at gusto ng tumulo at kumawala.

Even though I do not have a partner on Valentines day, I know that I made someone happy in a week before Valentines.

After this, I realized that Valentines is not just for love and its meaning, it is not just for couples to date with each other, it is not for single to be aware that they are single...

But it is for everyone to make someone happy.
It is for someone to know that they exists and that somebody is there to give her love and happiness.

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