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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jenny from Taft

If you know a student studying in DLSU, CSB or even St. Scho, try to ask if he/she knows Jenny. More likely than not, they will answer "Yes". And there is again a big percentage that the Jenny they know is not just any Jenny like Jenirose, Jennifer and Jennylicious. They know "Jenny from Taft".

Any student in that area knows Jenny. And that's a fact.

Jenny is...

"an ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life."
- from one of his Facebook fan page.

For me, I describe him... Yes, it's a HIM, he's a man. I describe him as a person that asks for alms and roams around Taft especially the DLSU and CSB area.

Why so special? Because he is not just an ordinary person, he can be considered as a hero. He earns respect and trust from the Taft people in his more than 14 years stay in that area (based from our conversation with him). He also helps students around and a fan page in Facebook is created just for the testimonials about it.

Here is an example:

"my first year in DLSU a friend of mine lost her phone somewhere in taft area... we told jenny... this was in the morning, by afternoon he returned it to my friend... i think hawak nya mga snatchers in taft... LAKAS..."

He is really a good person, if he asks for alms, even how much you give, or even you did not give, he will not curse or grudge you, unlike most of the beggars. Instead, he will talk to you comfortably like a friend. He sometimes ask for left over foods in the fast food chains across Taft. He is the only beggar I know that can freely enter stores and ask some water. I also heard that food chain managers can ask Jenny to pay the water / electric bills for them. And with it, I think Jenny's everyday lunch is free, sometimes a slice or two at Yellowcab. Yes, a beggar eating a Yellowcab pizza.

There is also a rumor that Jenny is a rich guy that owns a condo units in one of those building in DLSU. Why? Students gave him alms, ranging from a peso to I think even 20 pesos or more. Come to think of it, if he asks for alms to all the student he sees, and because students trust him, they will give him some money. How much will he gain everyday with that? And take note, free lunch.

When this school year starts, everybody is searching for Jenny. And news has come to us, Jenny from Taft is dead.

But even though he's dead, his legacy is still alive for the Lasallians (or Taft people). As a matter of fact, some Lasallians requested Maalaala Mo Kaya to feature Jenny in the show.

I hope that request will be granted so that Jenny can be a very good example not just in Taft, but also around the world.

"Pogi, pengeng piso."

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