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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to the drawing board.

Yeah. Well, we lose.

Our game that is rich in concept but poor in graphics does not managed to enter the Imagine Cup 2010 Game Design Category Finals.

Nation Driver. :(

I wish this will be a lesson for us. No cramming next time. And if we cram, it needs to be a very serious cramming. Not a joke cramming. Not like those nights before the deadline where we just sit, relax, then program, without that much pressure. Parang walang deadline.

If I will sum up how many days we did Nation Driver, I think... it will be 7 days. A day for planning, four days for round 1, and just two days for round 2.

Cramming is cramming. And now it is over.

And if our chance for Poland is totally gone now. Nation Driver is still not over. We will send our game for another contest. And submit our game here.

Then tomorrow, we will start planning for our entry next year. My years without love life will extend by another year.

But we got a consolation prize!

Thanks to Jan for the dogtag.

Also, another thing I learned... WE CAN CREATE A GAME IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME!

IGF 2012 anyone?


  1. Why IGF 2012? Not next year? And how can you plan for your next entry when you don't even know what the next theme will be?

  2. I'm sorry, I really do not have that much idea about IGF. But its not the theme that I take into consideration. For now, our top priority is our school work. And it will not change until we graduated next year, 2011.