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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Conjuct! is a game by Team Signum Fidei from De La Salle University. It is their entry for the Imagine Cup 2011. Watch the video demo below.

First, we did not join this year's Imagine Cup because of thesis and some lazy reasons. I like to join though but I can't tank the programming to the top.

Second, the Team Signum Fidei is from a group that is from younger batch than us. They are sophomores. Well, we created Nation Driver when we are also sophs. For me, their game prototype is cleaner compared to our first round entry last year. Based on the video demo, the transition is smooth. Their concept is simple. And playing the game is easy even without a training or instructions. It is like a puzzle tetris game.

One point to mention though, the sideline doesn't do anything. Maybe those little people at the sides can be used in a useful way rather than just animation and presentation. A suggestion, maybe they can give power ups.

Ohwell good luck!


  1. i have a suggestion :D maybe the little people can have rest/life bars or something and the user can let them rest. once a certain little person rests, power-ups may be created since the others would have to work more to produce pieces. each continent can have their own "expertise" and if a person rests, others would have to work more, thus having the possibility of creating pieces aligned with their own. power-ups may include time extensions, instant clearing of lines or double pieces in one go.

  2. Ooooh! Nice. I'll tell them your suggestion. :D