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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ultimate Solution to Tangled Earphones

I just found a solution to tangled earphones and I made a video how to do it!

  1. Make a rock on sign. \m/
  2. Wrap the cable through your ring and pinky finger using a figure 8.
  3. When only a short cable left, wrap it in the middle of the figure 8 a few times.
  4. Then insert the jack to any of the figure 8 holes.
That's it! A solution in four easy steps.

I just followed a guide from Lifehacker and my earphones is now tangled free!

Try it and keep you earphones tangled free. It is easy as ABC!

And here is a picture of my Bubble Earphones, tied and tangle free!

Heeeey! It can also use to tie other cables. :)


  1. FTW ang BGM hahaha! Parang magic trick ang dating haha!

  2. Thank your sharing.