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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A feature for convenience.

During this weekend, I became an "on-call" web developer of my own application. I recently updated the DLSU GPA Calculator that I made a term ago. In the first update, I removed the capability to compute the Cumulative Grade Point Average because of the design overhaul. Yes, in the first two updates, only the Term GPA can be computed.

I exchange a feature for convenience. I can say that the application is now easier to use than before.

For the first release, there is only a drop down box of units that the user can select. 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 are the units that can only be selected. But then, I received a comment that there exist a 4.0 unit course. I updated it as soon as I can and added 4.0 in the drop down box of units. It became the update two of the application.

The next day, I again read a comment that states that there is a 1.5 unit course, for thesis. Even though we are doing our thesis, I do not know that a 1.5 unit thesis course exists. Our thesis is 2.0 worth of units. And because of it, I remove the drop down box for selecting the units. I changed it into a text field, again. And that is the update three.

Thanks to that update three of the application, it can again compute for the CGPA. To do it, just enter the accumulated units for that term in the unit column and the TGPA in the grade column. The application will take the rest to compute for your CGPA.

And here's the final application after three updates.

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