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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Once again, Ilocos SumVac

We always go to Ilocos, specifically in Candon City, Ilocos Sur every holy week. The past years, we stay there till the Black Saturday or Easter Sunday. This year is different because of some unexpected events. We only managed to stay there till the night of Good Friday.

We arrived in Ilocos the night of Holy Wednesday. We only stayed in a hotel unlike before where we stayed in my father's house. The picture of the hotel looks creepy, but it is not. It is only because of the effect from an Instagram filter that I use.

We went to the beach and traveled to Vigan City the next day, as we always do.

I miss the beach, the waves, and the hot sand. After taking that picture, I ran towards it. Fun fun fun!

Then after going to the beach, we ate lunch and then travel to Vigan. After an hour of travel, we arrived.

Still the same as last time. The old houses of Vigan is still old houses. Yeah, they are old houses but take note, they have Mang Inasal, and even Legacy Super Club with a bouncer sitting outside where you can TUGS TUGS!

And then we ate the Ilokano empanada, with pork, vegetables, and egg inside. After eating, the sun is setting and then we go back home.

Good Friday, we just wait for the "prusisyon" to arrive. We always watched it every holy week.

And every thing has a first time. After the "prusisyon", the electricity was cut. It is our first time to experience a brown out there. Even if, we still walked going to the church, that is just a short distance away.
It is dark inside the church. Only the light of the candles are visible, and thus provides us light. And because of the darkness, we did not manage to kiss the foot of Jesus. We always do it when we are there, but not this time.

We went to McDo afterwards to have some snack, and it is also just a walk away.

After dinner, we pack our bags and we leave. We went to Agoo, La Union to visit our tito and tita and to also have some sleep.

The next day...

We go back home.

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