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Sunday, November 27, 2011


I just watched a video on my friend's Facebook page. It was about Philippine Science High School. The video shows random students with random questions. Some questions are striking, but some are funny like...

Bababa ba?
Lumilipad ba si Jollibee?

I think the video is about curiosity and promoting the school.

Well as the video ends, application date for Pisay was shown. Then, I remembered back in those days where I am searching a school for high school. Philippine Science High School was one of my choices. I managed to passed the first exam but unfortunately not in the second screening.

Before, it was nothing to me. I did not know about Pisay back then until I reached college.

"Sayang at di ako naka pasa sa Pisay." That always came up in my mind whenever I know a student from Pisay. They always excel in class. They know what to do. They are bright students. I admire those students from Pisay. They are very good.

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