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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Really. 2011 is a great year.

It's December 4 today. Coincidentally, it's been exactly 11 months since I said why 2011 is a great year. You know what? 2011 is a great year. Really!

According to my blog post 11 months ago, I am looking forward for some few things. Amazingly, they happened!

First, graduation. I recently graduated. I still didn't blog about it but I am planning to. I now have my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Software Technology degree. Good right?

Free times. I enjoyed my free times this year. I am with my friends in majority of those free times. With it, our relationship becomes better. Also, I became close with a friend. And our relationship was taken to the next level. See below. :)

Boyfriends for my girlfriends. This partially happened. It is because not all of my girl friends got a boyfriend. I think my friend that now have a boyfriend is very lucky! HE HAS AN AWESOME BOYFRIEND! Well, they are both lucky. My friend is also awesome and very cute too! :)

Company, business, or job. I am pursuing my MS degree, but I have a job. They are providing us scholarship and stipend. It is a hassle sometimes to study while working, but it can be managed. I am also going there to have a business or company. Few more months and I think I'll be there.

Girlfriend. I now have a girlfriend. 'Nuff said. She's my friend that I told above. Teehee!

Sooo, I will just reuse the ending of my blogpost 11 months ago...

That's it. 2012 is a great year. So replace your calendar. Leave all your sadness behind. And turn your life into the new page.

2011 is a great year, but I am sure that 2012 is a greater year!

Even though it is maybe the end of the world. Enjoy!

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