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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thesis signing like no other

The deadline for the submission of thesis documents was yesterday, November 3. And it is also yesterday when our adviser, Sir Borgz signed our document.

I first thought of taking a picture of the title page of our document. But on second thought, recording it is way better! So as a remembrance, we record it in a video and you can watch the memorable moment here.

Yes, our first thesis document is signed and ready for defense next week. Good luck to us!

By the way, you can watch it in 720p HD!

And lastly, the title page that was signed by Sir Borgz in the video is not the one that we submitted. We found a last minute error in the name of Excel and printed it again. Well, the signing of the new title page was not recorded because we are in the office.

For the MOTA!

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