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Tuesday, November 16, 2010 Are you ready for change?

Email is a very convenient communication tool nowadays. It is like the pen and paper mail system but is implemented electronically. Through the years of email, I registered an address several times. My first email is created when I was in grade school. is what I think it is. Friendster is so popular back in those days that my inbox was flooded by numerous updates from Friendster. Yes, I still do not know how to turn off those notifications back then. If I was not mistaken, I did not managed to open it for more than four months that it was somewhat deleted.

Now, I have this email account, also in Yahoo that I used and maintained since high school. With that email, I also have three other email accounts. I have a Gmail as a formal email address, I have the DLSU mail that I seldom use, and an email in our own domain.

Facebook era has emerged and they are taking the world not by storm, but by innovation. They launch many features in the past and they are again launching a new feature, the Facebook mail. I think, there core idea for it is integration. Integrating all your messages into one place, the Facebook. Your text messages, chat messages, email messages and all other messages into one inbox. How cool is that? I still do not know. I still do not know how it will affect our daily lives, our daily work, or even our daily bread.

Facebook will giving each interested users with their own Still, they say that it will not replace emails. They describe it as more of a conversational type of communication, maybe like instant messaging.

All messages in one place just like your letters that was kept in a box. Bringing the past to the future with a twist of technology, it is what the Facebook mail brings.

I imagined texting through Facebook. Or just texting will be replaced by Facebook-ing.

See the official Facebook post here.
You can also read here some advantages and disadvantages of the Facebook mail.

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