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Friday, December 17, 2010

Cool Facebook page, the easiest way

I've seen a video tutorial in YouTube for the cool Facebook profile. It needs Photoshop but I do not have that software installed in my laptop. The most powerful image editor I have is GIMP. The tutorial make a use of the slice tool which I think GIMP do not have. Because of it, I did not follow the instructions in the video and do it my own way.

Here's how:

  1. I took a screenshot of my Facebook page and pasted it in GIMP.
  2. I also open my chosen picture there.
  3. I lowered the opacity of my chosen picture so that I can see my profile page at the back.
  4. I adjust, resize, and rotate my chosen picture for it to suit in my profile page.
  5. I then copy each of the portion I wanted to Paint and save it.
  6. I uploaded it in Facebook and tag my self in the order it must be displayed.

That's it. It's easy right?

Naaaaaaaaaaah. Because there is an easier way. Or let's say the easiest way. I just found out, that there is a website that will slice your picture for it to be used in your profile page.

The awesome website is

I did it in 6 simple steps but the site will do it for you.

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