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Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Facebook Profile Page

I recently switched to the new Facebook profile page just because of one thing. I want to try that cool profile picture tricks in their Facebook pages.

With it, I quickly searched for a picture in my hard disk and found my yearbook picture. I also take a screenshot of my Facebook page and open them both in GIMP. I wanted to use Photoshop but there is no such software in my laptop.

I started with resizing my yearbook picture for it to be properly fitted in my profile page. Then I copy one by one the portions that I need. Pasted it into paint, saved it and the uploaded it.

Now presenting my profile page...

It is easy to do, try it!


  1. you are a programmer?

    maby you can help me...
    ive been on thise course
    it about speed reading...
    so im lokkoing for a program than can flash/show e-book pages (PDF) in 1-50 pages/pr sec
    (im from danmark - only 50hz TV screens ;-)
    i found this: Able-mind-Speed-Reading (
    but it only works with txt files.
    do you know a program that will do the same with a pdf file?


  2. Cool. Really wanna try it out