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Monday, December 27, 2010

A paper worth 20 pesos

It is December 22, 2010 then when I first received the new 20 peso bill that President Noynoy is so proud of. I can say that I like the design. It has a fresh new look. And it looks like this...

Yes, that's it.

Manuel Quezon looks so young in the bill and if his name is not indicated, I will think that he is an actor from ABS-CBN. Maybe Coco Martin? Hahaha!

Compared to the older bills, or the bills in other country, the paper that is used felt like an ordinary paper. It felt like a bond paper with a substance of less than 20 I think. Hahaha! That is the reason why the blog title is like that.

Also, using my powerful eyes, I noticed that there are no period in the above bill. I do not know why but even middle initials and "Jr" do not have a period beside.

Lastly, rice terraces and a palm civet can be seen at the back of the bill.

I tried to sell the bill to my sister for 100 pesos but she doesn't bite. OH WELL!


  1. WHOAAAA!!! San mo nakuha?

  2. WHOAAAA!!! San mo nakuha?

  3. Yung nanay ng friend ko nag tatrabaho sa Banko Sentral. Binenta sa amin for 20pesos. =))